Conflict Resolution Education Training in Indonesia: Teaching Tolerance through Conflict Resolution Education

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December 13th, 2003, marked the end of a joint Indonesian-American education project that has occupied most of my thoughts and activities for past two years. On my return to Ohio University (OU) in the fall of 2001, in fact two weeks into my first quarter, I was presented with the challenge of drafting an initial plan for tolerance education training to be done in Indonesia. This would be one part of a larger, multi-perspective Conflict Resolution Training-Of-Trainers (TOT) grant proposal for which the Center for Research on Intergroup Relations and Conflict Resolution (CERIC) at the University of Indonesia (UI) and Center for Southeast Asian Studies at OU, was applying. It was a collaborative response to help with the increasing rate of communal and ethnic violence which has been occurring in Indonesia since 1997. In Spring 2002, the U.S. State Department awarded our group with the funding to begin. Little did we know then that this project would become the major focus of my second Master’s degree and motivate me to do a Ph.D. in teacher education. The grant has given me the opportunity to work collaboratively with 74 Indonesian educators, a varied group of Indonesian professionals, and several Ohio University (OU) faculty across many disciplines. Together we have begun to transform an idea of tolerance through conflict resolution education (TCRE) into a possible Indonesian democratic education reform.


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